TOMS Shoes

In 2006, TOM'S Founder, Blake Mycoskie saw a need and built his company as a solution to that need. That need was children without shoes. TOM'S gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. They have already given over 60 million pair of shoes to children in need.

WeWood Watches

WeWood watches offers a truly unique and stylish design. When you purchase a watch from WeWood, you don't just purchase quality craftsmanship, you help to repopulate our forests and rebuild our environment. Wewood plants a tree for every watch sold. 442,246 trees have been planted to date.

40 Ocean Bracelets

40 Ocean is a company that was established as a way to clean our oceans. Each purchase of a 40 Ocean bracelet funds the removal of one pound of garbage from our oceans, oh... and it looks good too!

Warby Parker Eyeglasses

Warby Parker is a truly revolutionary company with a mission to offer cutting edge style eyeglasses at amazingly affordable prices. Their most outstanding feature, though, is the impact they are make in communities around the world. For each pair of eyeglasses sold, a pair is donated to someone in need.

Conscious Step Socks

Every purchase of a pair of "Conscious Step" socks lets you contribute to the education of children who wouldn't otherwise receive adequate education. These socks will provide two schoolbooks donated through, "Room to Read" and they are really cool socks! Conscious Step has donated 3,226 school books.

Twillory Dress Shirts

Twillory focuses on high quality shirts, style and customer satisfaction. Where Twillory truly stands out is with each purchase of a Twillory shirt comes a postage paid package to send back your gently used dress shirts to be donated to struggling professionals trying to re-enter the workforce.