About Us

Welcome! My name is Avraham and one of my greatest passions in life has been helping others. When I entered the business world I thought about ways to combine helping others with my daily work life. As I researched the idea more I began to learn that there were other companies who were already accomplishing the very same thing I wanted to accomplish.  I started KnightofValor.com because I love supporting businesses that are already fulfilling a shared passion of mine, making a positive impact in communities, environment, and education.

With so much negativity in our world the need to create and support companies who stand up for what is moral and uphold social responsibility is at its greatest.

Most of the products and companies promoted on this site are affiliate links and are paid promotions, however, I have done research and will only promote products from companies who are making a meaningful and positive impact. You can read a short description about the charitable work each company does included with the links, as well as read our blog articles to learn about the good they do.

60% of our revenue goes to  charity.